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Behold!  I have added a new page.  This is the PAGE OF LEGENDS, where everything on it (including your comments) becomes legendary!   To begin:

Tyrannosaurs are legendary.

Prehistoric sharks are legendary.

Sam is legendary.

Cuttlefish are legendary.

The PAGE OF LEGENDS is legendary.

That will be all for now.  I will add to this list occasionally.  This and the two preceding sentences are legendary.



  1. Deleted your comment, for it was not legendary.
    This comment is legendary.

  2. Are you serious?

  3. Yes.
    This comment is legendary.

  4. So let me get this straight, my first question was not legendary, but my second one was? I’m still waiting for both this one and the last to be deleted. I can say that I am full questions rather than legendary-ness. It’s a fault.
    Spelling and punctuation fixed. How legendary

  5. Had it been a truly legendary comment, I would have edited it to say at the end “This comment is legendary.”
    This comment is legendary.

  6. You have true nerve Mister Swain. It is beyond my understanding to even conceive how you’ve survived in this world so long. Yet… why bother?

  7. This trick is to stay inside and avoid the world.
    This comment is legendary.

  8. I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren these legends. Except I’m 14. And I hate children.
    I’d much rather throw ice cream at them. I think I will.

    This comment is legendary.

  9. I would rather eat the ice cream, but if there’s a surplus, we wouldn’t want it to go to waste, would we?

    This comment is legendary.

  10. Usted es un dinosaurio con varios problemas, pero usted es un dinosaurio inteligente por cierto. Usted es un dinosaurio de color púrpura muy alto … y que come gatos en el que espero que te arrepientes. Usted tiene un blog impresionante, pero que insultar a mi gramática … por lo que un pulpo va a invadir su habitación y se arrastra de la cama y comer lo … Buena suerte.

  11. A big thanks to Google translator?

    • You are a dinosaur with various problems, but you are a smart dinosaur indeed. You are a very tall purple dinosaur… and you eat cats in which I hope you regret. You have an awesome blog but you insult my grammar… so a octopus is going to raid your room and drag you out of bed and eat you … Good luck.

    “You are a dinosaur with various problems, but you are an intelligent dinosaur for truth. You are etc. of purple and very tall… and you eat cats in [blah- I dunno]. You have a [something] blog but you insult my grammar for what it [something I dunno] room and [something] bed and eat it… good luck?”

    That was pitiful. At all requests, Master, delete this after reading. Now I shall visit my good friend Google translate and see how I did.

  13. “Hey Cream, look at this sour hamster.”

    ~Ice Man Defender of the Universe

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