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Regardless of whether you have visited this site or not, it’s okay to read this page; I won’t hit you.  To assuage any fears, this is Sam’s blog.  You probably personally know me, because my blog has not become popularized over the internet, rather, spread by word of mouth, mostly mine.

If you have actually never been here before, I recommend that you scroll down to the bottom of the main page, click the “Older Posts” button a few times, and begin reading right at the beginning (My Favorite Color).  This is not pertinent, but some posts reference older ones, and to get a better understanding for my blog, so that you can pass the test, it would be ideal that you read all posts in order.  If you don’t have time/don’t want to do that, I probably won’t know unless you tell me, so that’s okay.  I like it if you leave comments, because then I know who’s been visiting my blog, and I know how you feel about stuff on my blog.  I will reply to most comments within a day, but if a comment doesn’t really seem to require a response, I may not.

I try to add new posts at least once a week, but typically more often than that, in case you like my blog but don’t want to check it every day.  If you check my blog once or more times a day, I commend you on your excellent obsession with all that is me.  Do not sway from your practices, for my ego will fall, and I will be sad, and I will make you sad.

In conclusion, welcome, Avid-Sam’s-Blog-Follower-soon-to-be.  You cannot expect what to find here, so keep an open mind.  You are dismissed.



  1. You said that you won’t hit the assumed reader. You said nothing about spitting on their souls.

  2. Oh no! I’ve been found out!

  3. i saw this on a locker and wrote it down. i didn’t really think about visiting until today. bad weather out XD. plus, i have nothing better to do. i have a theory, but it may not work. 😀

  4. I’ve never been here. Tell me what to do, oh powerful Sam.

  5. Hai. I wrote you a letter. That’s all I have to say.

  6. I am slowly piling up work for you when you decide to stop neglecting your blog. Don’t make me call PETA.

  7. I have created a new account just so I can see a new bubble. (My cat is sneezing on me). And to harass you. And because I have no life. And because I have now determined that I have no positive impact on your ego.

  8. Does my comment really need to be moderated? Gah. Stupid WordPress, makes me feel like a freaking minion. Oh yeah. I am an onion.

  9. Wow. Some of this is inaccurate now (third paragraph, first sentence). I don’t feel like changing it now, though.



  11. I will not relent. You do realize that this address is ingrained in my mind, right? I am inclined to believe that your writing has worsened (actually, not possible) rather SUFFERED, since you stopped blogging. WHYYYYY SAMUEL… WHYYYY

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