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Category Archives: Scrabble

I had my first snow day for this school year today.  This is a list of most of what I did (definitely not in chronological order).  As you can see, it was heavy with Mark.

I played 1.5 games of Scrabble against Mark and won all.  I kept score on Mark’s lazy and tolerant cat that was lying beside me.

I shoveled Mark’s driveway with his help.

Mark found that half of The Phonebook had frozen and broken off from the rest.  I’m really unsure of what to do with it now.

Mark and I froze 37¢ in ice.  My 37 cents.

I almost buried Mark in the snow.

I called my brother fat.

I ate pumpkin cheesecake.


I’ve played a lot of games this Thanksgiving Break.  I’ll continue to update this as I play more.

1 game of Scrabble

2 games of Super Scrabble

3 games of Peanuts Monopoly

1 game of Monopoly

4 rounds of Boggle

1 game of Risk

4 rounds of Dutch Blitz

Being so awesome, I’ve managed to win everything but the 2nd Peanuts Monopoly game, the Monopoly game, and, unfortunately, 3 out of the 4 Dutch Blitz games.

Happy Thanksgiving!