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Category Archives: School Things

School-related stuff. As I am the grammar-king, math-boss, and spelling-junkie, it was inevitable that school would show up on my blog.

I have hardly glanced at this blog thing since my last post.  Stories.

Within me a great sadness consumes my organs for I know that school is out for the next few months.  I have only my summer reading assignments to console me now.

Adding to my list of games-with-rackets-that-I-played-in-the-street-with-Mark I now have badminton.  I am rather awesome at it, regardless of Mark’s denial.

I biked to get some ice cream.  On the way to Ice Cream Land, I spied the crushed carcass of a murdered butterfly on the road.  The juxtaposition of two of its kin flying by carelessly, full of vitality, brighter in hue, saddened me.  The return from Ice Cream Land brought about a vicious attack from a crazed Rottweiler.  Some of my awesome samurai skills probably saved me.  If only the camera had been rolling it’d be up on YouTube by now, gone viral.

I’ll try to update this blog at least once a week.  Patience is rewarded with the need for more patience.


I haven’t posted on my blog in so long I feel like I’ve died.  School has just overwhelmed me, and it’s sucked away opportunities to post on my blog, and it’s sucked away opportunities to do stuff worth posting about on my blog.  So, though I really only like to share my life when it’s something unique and exciting, I must get through this posting drought, and breaking that vow is acceptable in this case.

This weekend was an interesting one; I did more than I do on most weekends.  I started my Saturday by waking at 7:00 to go to an Academic Challenge tournament.  Our team came in second, to the Catholic school.  Then I went to the Lego store and bought the SUPERCAR.  The SUPERCAR is an amazing car.  It’s red.  It’s fun.  It’s super.  I also received the latest Pearls Before Swine treasury, Pearls Blows Up, in the mail, and I finished it on Sunday.  It was wonderful, all of it.

Ideally, I would be studying for my History and Journalism midterm exams tomorrow, but I don’t yet feel like it.  I guess I’d better feel like it soon because I can’t rely on the weather to bail me out.

Yet, for procrastination’s sake, I should give my readers something more than some curt post talking about my studying strategies.  I must give them literature!

But until I feel like doing that, I have some studying to do.

I went to school today.  Woo hoo.

The day before yesterday I finished Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. This completes the reading portion of my summer homework.  Now I’ll procrastinate to finish the essays and answering questions.  For those who haven’t read it, and aren’t planning to, it ends with Jurgis becoming a strong supporter of Socialism and the Socialism rising in Chicago.

I believe that it is important to stay on top of one’s school work.  I am often guilty of procrastination, but I felt that my summer reading would be too overwhelming to do  in one week’s time.  Seeing my dad’s copy of The Jungle spurred me on the most, with its 35o pages of unrelenting tiny text.  Along with three other books, that’s a hefty amount of homework over the summer, and would be virtually impossible to conquer in two weeks.  So, being the greatest, most intelligent person who ever lived, I came to the decision that it would be rational to read a few chapters every day.  I’ve completed Fahrenheit 451, and am half-way through To Kill a Mockingbird, so I’d say I’m doing pretty well, with like eight weeks left of summer.  I’d recommend to all students with summer reading to get to it.  So get off my blog, you (hopefully) three people who read it, and finish those books!  I’m talking to you, Maxx.