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Category Archives: Polio

Notice my clever use of homophones.  This is the epitome of true genius.


My friend’s cat may have cancer.  Its back leg is swollen and has two lumps on it.  It will be going to visit the veterinarian tomorrow to determine the cancerousness of the bumps.  In the chance that it does have cancer, my friend’s mother is taking pictures of children with Cancer Cat to remember it.  Pictures are five dollars for non-family members.  If you are interested, comment, and I’ll not get back to you because I’m not actually trying to solicit anything.  Sadness fills the cat-loving sector of my soul.

The first snow has fallen, and though it is not enough to pack into marvelous shapes, I must prepare for the future.  So, what should I make out of snow?  You can choose two things this time!  Aren’t you lucky?

WordPress apparently allows one to have multiple blogs with one’s account.  I assume you can see where I’m going with this…

I realize there are a lot of choices for this one.  Just like standardized tests, make sure you read each choice carefully before making your final decision.  Remember, you can only vote once, so don’t mess up!

This is essentially self-explanatory.  If you highlight the last one it’s easier to read.