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Category Archives: Art and Monsters

I built my first snow creation of the year yesterday–a snowman who actually resembled a bipedal man (roughly).  The snow was prime for packing while I was visiting my grandparents, so I created my own monster.  He stood on two feet at the top of a hill.  He bore no expression or features on his face.  One hand was raised above his head.   I constructed him entirely out of snow  but for the sticks in him to support a stubborn raised arm, and the stick that composed his entire other arm, which was both the simply and creative way of getting out of making another arm.  I went out to check on my snowman in the evening, as I had suspicions that he might have fallen; he was leaning already and I had seen cracks in his ankles.  Unsurprised I found his shattered remains gruesomely spread on the side of the hill, but I did not weep.  This art had more meaning than ever before.

I managed to take one picture of him with my grandparents’ camera, which I do not have with me to upload to my blog.  Perhaps some day you will all get to see it though.


The first snow has fallen, and though it is not enough to pack into marvelous shapes, I must prepare for the future.  So, what should I make out of snow?  You can choose two things this time!  Aren’t you lucky?

I’ve been lacking in inspiration for blog posts lately, so I think I’ll just type whatever and see what comes of it.  Here I go:

Floppy fish flop floppily on the dock.  A sea monster joins them.  Its thrashing destroys a city.  The people in the city run to escape, but a voodoo spell cast upon the city by an evil witch doctor resident curses them all, and they fall to the ground, flopping floppily like fish flopping.  CANADIANS!  CANADIAN BACON!  Help is on the way!  Help is on the way, but slowly because the fire trucks were replaced with flopping floppy fish.  It smells of dying fish.  Of dead fish.  Or rotting fish carcasses.  Curse you witch doctor, for you have cursed us.  Our bones with lie about the land and crunch beneath your step and you will never forget the souls you destroyed.

Yes, this puppet actually has a name.  I figured he needed one so I could discern between the two.  His name is Turk Menace Stan, probably because he is hazardous to the health of turkeys.  Like maybe he eats them.  He also will attempt to eat the puppet mentioned in the last post.  The puppet wars have begun!

I made a puppet.  It is the most fun puppet ever.  It’s coming for you.

I must apologize for the bad picture, but understand, it’s quite difficult to take a picture with a puppet on one’s hand.

I enjoy creating art.  Upon completing computer class I discovered my skill of using the Microsoft Drawing Toolbar in Word.  I’ve made many wondrous creations, on many different computers.  Here is one of my latest works:

(I just changed it so that no one could steal the perfect picture, since I don’t have a copyright or anything like that.  I apologize if my paranoia inhibits your view of this slightly.)

It’s something of a clock, I think, but made out of squid-tentacle-monster things.  Feedback is wonderful, especially if it is constructive, and pertaining to the art.