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The corntilever is a creation that dawned on me while eating black raspberry ice cream in the park on Wednesday, June 9, 2010.  It is a cantilever made from corn.  The following day I proceeded to create it.  Perhaps someday I will put pictures up.  Not today, however.



  1. Only you sam. 🙂 I am Sam’s friend and admirer, the humble Maxx. I was originally a scoffer at the creation of the corntilever, but now I realize its true genius. Forgive me, Sam, and good luck with the blog, though I doubt you’ll need it, since you’re so awesome.

  2. What is this nonsense? Pure humbug. Hmmph. It is impossible that this exists. Simply ridiculous what some people will believe.

  3. Sam, I can’t wait to see these awesome pictures. I am so glad you’re such a genius and came up with this blog. Its amazing, kudos to you. ha ha I just used the word kudos in casual conversation:)
    This comment was just spell checked. Genius has no “O” in it.

  4. Okay. You definitely need a page next to the “Origin of the Corntilever” page… except it will be the “Origin of Sam Swain” page.

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