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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Siege on the treehouse necessitated that hot oil be dumped on the encroaching enemy.  When no burning oil was to be found, the shredded remains of a phone that barely survived winter had to substitute.  The enemy vanquished, the treehouse was safe, but now the tattered remains of the phonebook lay on the ground.

A mass of miniature jungle, untamed, called for domestication.  The powerful cutter truncated each towering blade, but would not be satisfied with this meal.  Twigs splintered in its severing vortex, shreds of paper once belonging to a phonebook that lay helplessly on the ground were mutilated beyond seeming possibility, and, confetti-ized, lay once again on the cruel earth open to any more persecution that could find them.

Calling hours are–


I have hardly glanced at this blog thing since my last post.  Stories.

Within me a great sadness consumes my organs for I know that school is out for the next few months.  I have only my summer reading assignments to console me now.

Adding to my list of games-with-rackets-that-I-played-in-the-street-with-Mark I now have badminton.  I am rather awesome at it, regardless of Mark’s denial.

I biked to get some ice cream.  On the way to Ice Cream Land, I spied the crushed carcass of a murdered butterfly on the road.  The juxtaposition of two of its kin flying by carelessly, full of vitality, brighter in hue, saddened me.  The return from Ice Cream Land brought about a vicious attack from a crazed Rottweiler.  Some of my awesome samurai skills probably saved me.  If only the camera had been rolling it’d be up on YouTube by now, gone viral.

I’ll try to update this blog at least once a week.  Patience is rewarded with the need for more patience.