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This past week my computer died, and all files and stuff were lost.  Being without a computer for a few days (and being unable to post on my oh-so-frequently updated blog) was not much fun.  But, I have returned, and now the world can start revolving again.

I recently wrote the letters SGT on my hand, as reminders.  I do things like this fairly often; however, this was one of the most obscure significations on my hand, as it stood for “Stab Bob Goose Transformer.”  Anyone who asked me what it stood for received that answer.  They were still confused, and I was enthralled.



  1. I went through one of those blackouts where I read that whole passage and then realized I really didn’t comprehend anything when I reached the bottom.

    I went to Confession today (I point this out firstly so that anyone can openly bash Catholics) and wrote the Act of Contrition all along my arm. I didn’t abbreviate it at all, but as I was kneeling in the pew, I realized I skipped a line, so I pulled my sweatshirt down and hoped for the best.

  2. It’s nice to have you back.

  3. You’ve already heard the Stab Bob Goose Transformer story, haven’t you (at least part of it).

    It’s wonderful to be back. It was a dark time without the internet; it will be a darker time still coping without my files forever.

  4. OKAY. I DEFINITELY said something after that. What happened to it, Samuel? If you sold it off as a prostitute and now profit because of your actions, I shall kill your firstborn son. And eat him. My comment pleads for vengeance.

    • Do it.

    • Like you, I will not be spawning any children, so the threat means nothing to me, and even less since it died; I didn’t sell it into any kind of slavery.
      I’m sorry that you’ll have to go hungry.

  5. Ps. Sam I must say the chicken you had the other day during lunch either looked weird or delicious I couldn’t decide… but just thought I’d tell you that 🙂

  6. It was the latter. Thank you for your concern about my nutrition.

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