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Recently I’ve played two games of Risk.  Risk takes forever, especially if you’re not the first one eliminated, like me.  It takes longer to be the winner, like me, twice.  I feel victorious, and much greater than Hitler or Kublai Khan, because I didn’t have to kill anyone, and I succeeded in taking over the entire world.

Winter is my favorite season.  That being said, it seems to be ending.  I grow sad inside at the thought that snow may not fall again for many months.  Granted, it’s only March, but the warm weather here in Ohio is discouraging.  Disappointment engulfs me.

I want to go burn something now.  I’m not sure what it will be, but it will be burned.  I might even laugh maniacally, and pretend that I’m conquering the real world, though that is far into the future.



  1. “Laughing maniacally” should be an interest on Moodle.

    I like how you fool everyone into thinking that it’s “far into the future.” (laugh) Sure it is, Samuel…

    • I recently added like forty (I must, by far, have the longest list of interests out of any Moodler), but “laughing maniacally” was not on the list. I may add that soon…


  3. The easiest way to remove 95% of radioactive substances from your body is to take a simple shower.

  4. Showers are nice. Cassidy believes that to murder someone effectively, with minimal blood (some people don’t like the mess), it must be done in a shower. I personally believe that if one is worried about the mess, they should just stage the murder in Siberia.


    I daresay I am done here.


    I lied.

  7. There was an interesting article on the WordPress blog about commenting etiquette. Just saying…

  8. I do think about these things before I post them… (I really don’t) But if I did, my train of thought would go something like… I’m your number one recruiter 2.) You can’t risk losing my intelligent comments and enthusiasm. 3.) You were the one who was worried that WordPress was broken. SO THEREFORE… it all has good cause.

    To your first comment (which I could not originally see)… I may tag myself.

    Oh. And don’t believe that “intelligent comments and enthusiasm” nonsense. I don’t.

  9. Regardless, at least there are comments. Some people haven’t been living up to the precedence they set for themselves…

  10. You speak of ma homie?

  11. If you mean Sara, no; she has not set any precedence. But another, yes.

  12. Naturally, I am curious.

  13. I would expect as much.

  14. P.S. COMMENT 600!!!!

  15. Idk… Lucas maybe lolz 🙂

  16. Nope. You.

  17. And please, continue (though maybe in a more relevant post…).

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