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I haven’t posted on my blog in so long I feel like I’ve died.  School has just overwhelmed me, and it’s sucked away opportunities to post on my blog, and it’s sucked away opportunities to do stuff worth posting about on my blog.  So, though I really only like to share my life when it’s something unique and exciting, I must get through this posting drought, and breaking that vow is acceptable in this case.

This weekend was an interesting one; I did more than I do on most weekends.  I started my Saturday by waking at 7:00 to go to an Academic Challenge tournament.  Our team came in second, to the Catholic school.  Then I went to the Lego store and bought the SUPERCAR.  The SUPERCAR is an amazing car.  It’s red.  It’s fun.  It’s super.  I also received the latest Pearls Before Swine treasury, Pearls Blows Up, in the mail, and I finished it on Sunday.  It was wonderful, all of it.



  1. You contradict yourself. You said that your weekend was uninteresting in the title, but then later say it was interesting and even wonderful. Terrible marketing, Samuel. (winking is overrated) I think I am now officially confused.

    Red is a nice color, but I really want to know where you are getting all this cash. It makes me wonder.

    Lastly, a question I have been wondering for some time now… since you are on the varsity team, why don’t you have a varsity letter jacket? I think you have been screwed, my friend. Make your demands.

  2. Academic Challenge is not a sport, but when Scrabble becomes a sport, I will make sure the school has a team and I will conquer. So many people have varsity jackets anyway. I prefer my brown coat.
    I’ve been saving my money since Christmas. I’ve wanted this car for so long, and it was only just released.
    The weekend was wonderful for me; I would assume my readers would find it uninteresting. Notice I didn’t say anything about my English project.

  3. I found your bushes very interesting (winking is overrated).

  4. “(Winking is overrated)” is becoming cliché. So is the word “cliché”.
    Rephrased: “(Winking is overrated)” is becoming -*-*-é. Your turn.

  5. I never use 😉 or 🙂 and the use of (wink) and (smile) replaced that. I was so annoyed by actually saying “wink” that I thought it should be deemed overrated. It is. It’s much nicer to talk to someone in real life. And wink at them, if one is compelled to be so cliché. I am very tedious like that. Check your mate.

  6. I thought we were playing checkers!!!

  7. Chess rather… the version with hedgehogs and dodo birds. Maybe even some squirrels.

  8. Squirrels are cliché. So is the word “the”. And periods at the ends of sentences. Cliché rampage!

    T** sq****** is fat* That is a much better sentence*

  9. I’m sorry for that. My brain is spinning with thoughts.

  10. Spinning? That’s an understatement. What sort of motion causes Sam Swain to say sorry?

    I don’t write in sentences, but brief intermissions of mind regurgitation.

    • Yes, I thought you once said .. you would never say sorry because it makes your greatness slowly fade away or something of that sort.

      • I don’t remember making any comment like that. I will not apologize for intentional actions though, because if I intended the result, I cannot show remorse.

  11. I apologize when I feel that I have done something wrong, just as any other sane being should do. I felt that the splattered brain mush needed to be cleaned up. I will apologize now for the dangling preposition.

  12. Splattered brain mush is tasty. Like hands. Should I apologize for my love of eating humans? It’s hard to control.

  13. Carl!

  14. It took two references for you to mention it? I’m surprised I didn’t have to start exposing my other love for making out with ice sculptures…

    Bethany, Alexa and I were talking about Carl in art today and Bethany had all the lines memorized. It made my day.

  15. I’m sorry. I’ll listen for the sound of forgiveness.

  16. The only sound you’ll hear is my stomach.

  17. Longing for faces?

  18. Yes, when certain things happen (Like for example, certain art teachers changing seating arrangements because certain, stupid seniors got in a fight…) I want to eat my face. I don’t LONG for them though… I DO long for hands. And kittens. And really cute hamsters.

    I know there is an overuse of the word “certain.” That is intentional.

  19. It’s rhetorical device–pattern of three. It is acceptable.

  20. I really had to look for that one.

  21. It’s there, and you obviously put it in there for the sake of persuasion. Bonus point for utilization of something we learned in English class.

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