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Steve stared down into the abyssal crevice.  The twilit atmosphere contributed to the bottomless effect.  Steve kicked a rock into it, and heard its resounding clangs and crashes against the sides for what seemed hours, though this timeless land had no way to tell, but by the sun.  The land was still twilit after he looked up, the rock having made a final sound–a plop into deep water.  Then Steve realized what a mistake he had made.  That was the rock he was saving for his rock collection.  He fell to his knees, lifted his head to the appearing stars, and roared in agony, “WHY?”



  1. That’s hilarious. Utterly hilarious. I literally laughed out loud. It’s all and all a very ironic story… like how the stars come out? Wuhhh?! (laugh) At least he didn’t kick a squirrel in the crevice. I like squirrels.

    Oh. And I have a confession. The whole time I was reading this, I kept on thinking of it as a well.

  2. It’s more like the Grand Canyon in depth, a small creek in width, and the U.S.-Mexico border in length and tension.

  3. Yeah? That’s pretty good. What about Steve? I need visuals here.

  4. Steve is essentially like me but he has a nicer rock collection.
    (Comment 550!)

  5. Do you really have a rock collection?

  6. Not yet.

  7. Since you’ve confided this piece of information, I now realize the psychological depth and conflict metaphorically entwined within this passage.

    Woah. Did that come from me?

  8. It’s not exactly confidential, considering this is the open internet, but okay.
    Yes, that came from you, unless one of your hobo druggies was able to do that, or your communist cat. Or your brother.

  9. Eh. I didn’t mean it literally. Am I ever literal? Do you ever NOT answer my rhetorical questions? Ah. The world is still the same. The hobos are on vacation. My basement flooded and THE COMMUNIST is being a total turd. Peter does not use out computer. Sometimes you just have to wonder… those little people in my head… (laugh) I can’t control them!

  10. Literality is my specialty. I must answer all questions.

  11. It’s a wonderful thing, actually. So how is that rock collection?

  12. It’s… nonexistent. Still. I have until tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. to get one and talk to it, or else the sun will not rise on Thursday.

  13. That would be horrible. I’m thinking that my brother could share his with me… I have made monetary contributions to the progress, after all. Do think that counts? Could I talk to a shared rock collection?

  14. That is acceptable. It’s better than what I have, which is no rock collection to which to talk.

  15. I would put you on the line, but they’re kind of shy. I haven’t gotten much outta them… yet.

  16. It’s talking to them, not with them. They need not respond.

  17. Oh. I think I might’ve scared them. There were a lot of awkward pauses.

  18. Rocks are masters of awkward conversation. They’re like my heroes.

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