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Today my bag of dinosaur fruit snacks contained two purple tyrannosauruses, one red tyrannosaurus, one orange tyrannosaurus, one red triceratops, two red stegosauruses, and two orange tyrannosauruses.  If anyone made any money from bets placed on which dinosaurs I got in which colors, the right thing to do would be to give me a substantial portion of it.



  1. I love Dinosaur fruit snacks!!!! Yummmmmmm.. J’ai faim.

  2. I don’t speak whatever language that is. Pero, ¡hablo español muy bien!

    …Actually, my money (or fruit snacks) is on French, meaning “I am hungry,” o, en español, “Tengo hambre.”

  3. Qui! ha, and Sam you should probably read the last part of my last blog post 🙂

  4. I will admit that I do not faithfully follow your blog, but I will not apologize. I’ll go do that now, I guess…

  5. I meant I’ll go read the blog post (or at least the section about me). I still have no intention of apologizing because I have done nothing wrong.

  6. Mm. I have been thinking for a very long time on this one. I felt that if I didn’t somehow comment on this one, a small part inside of me would die.

    So. Dinosaurs. I didn’t make any money. Which ones are your favorites?

  7. Tyrannosauruses for sure.

  8. I meant… what color?

  9. Purple.

  10. Purple is the Batman of colors. Oh yes.

  11. Yellow/lemon is the best flavor though.

  12. Oh. That’s what I meant. The color of fruit snacks does not persuade me to love them any more. I don’t even think that I look at them when I eat them. I do like to hear them scream though. Do you think dinosaur fruit snacks have souls? I’m afraid not.

  13. Don’t be scared; they do.

  14. OMGOSH. What do I do now?! HOW CAN I NOT BE SCARED EITHET WAY! Omgosh… the Cheezits… and the fruit snacks… augmentation… blow to the head… blood everywhere.

    They’re coming for me.

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