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Whenever I become a famous rapper I will call myself “KornDawg.”



  1. This is a new side. I’m assuming that you and Radical Kate will hook up and collaborate.

  2. It’ll be a “kollaboration” because when you’re “in da hood” with your rapping cronies, you replace c’s with k’s. Thus, “KornDawg.”

  3. Sam. It’s homies. Not cronies (kronies?) I thought I should point that out. Sara Coe knows all about homies. (laugh)

  4. My homies will rap with you. In fact, my homies will “outrap” you, KornDawg.

    Oh yeah, and I LEFT MY FIRST COMMENT. Whooo.

  5. Kronies are mo’ fo’ my rappin’ gang, I guess. Homies work too. Congratulations Sara, on your first comment. your new mission, should you choose to accept it, is to beat out Madeleine’s comment count. Get to work!

  6. There is no way. Sara’s thoughts overpower her words. Dude. Her words dim her raw mind power. It’s unfortunate.

  7. That doesn’t mean she can’t make a considerable deposit into the National Bank of Corntilever Comments. Did you read that Sara? That doesn’t mean you can’t make a considerable deposit into the National Bank of Corntilever Comments!

  8. Oh goodness Sam, Sara does have her homies. And there’s no way Sara will out beat Madeleine, Madeleine has the power and it can’t be stopped

  9. If Madeleine died then Sara could out-comment her in a few years, maybe.

  10. I like being alive… for the record. I think this is the second or third time that you have alluded to killing me on Corntilever territory. Sara (I’m sorry to be talking about you in third person) HAS her homies, and we share. You might wake up one morning without eyelids, Sam, and it’s all because of a slight misunderstanding. Homies don’t always think things through.

    Cheyenne, I have no life- that’s my power. I am honored with the parenthesis though. They melted my heart (laugh). Not really. I need a heart for it to be melted. Cannibals don’t have hearts.

  11. When have I ever alluded to killing you? That would be a horrible thing to do!

  12. Yes. Yes. An overall loss to this world. I’m sure many people would be upset. I’m know The Communist would eat me before a proper burial.

  13. And “I’m know” that you made a mistake. Shame over your head for making my eyes bleed!

  14. I like how you jus leave it there. Originally, I had said, “I’m sure” twice and that was repetitive. I didn’t completely cover my derrière. Shows how much I try, but you wouldn’t understand such inner conflict.

  15. Cheyenne, if you dare look into the history of Corntilever, my slips are abundant.

  16. And that is why I do not correct them all. I’m not your personal Mrs. Wells; I’m more like an angry elephant that doesn’t like how you butter my toast, but will eat it anyway because I don’t want to do it myself.
    I “jus” wanted you to know that.

  17. I’m going to stop trying and see how far I can push it. XD If I was to stop… No. This is war my dear Mussolllini.

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