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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Steve stared down into the abyssal crevice.  The twilit atmosphere contributed to the bottomless effect.  Steve kicked a rock into it, and heard its resounding clangs and crashes against the sides for what seemed hours, though this timeless land had no way to tell, but by the sun.  The land was still twilit after he looked up, the rock having made a final sound–a plop into deep water.  Then Steve realized what a mistake he had made.  That was the rock he was saving for his rock collection.  He fell to his knees, lifted his head to the appearing stars, and roared in agony, “WHY?”


Today my bag of dinosaur fruit snacks contained two purple tyrannosauruses, one red tyrannosaurus, one orange tyrannosaurus, one red triceratops, two red stegosauruses, and two orange tyrannosauruses.  If anyone made any money from bets placed on which dinosaurs I got in which colors, the right thing to do would be to give me a substantial portion of it.

Whenever I become a famous rapper I will call myself “KornDawg.”