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Ideally, I would be studying for my History and Journalism midterm exams tomorrow, but I don’t yet feel like it.  I guess I’d better feel like it soon because I can’t rely on the weather to bail me out.

Yet, for procrastination’s sake, I should give my readers something more than some curt post talking about my studying strategies.  I must give them literature!

But until I feel like doing that, I have some studying to do.



  1. Sam Swain studying? Pish. Unheard of.

  2. You only have not heard of it because you are deaf.

  3. Jumping to conclusions now, are we?

  4. You were the one jumping to conclusions when you said I don’t study.

  5. It seems like a fact to me… not so much that you actually do not, but rather… you don’t need it. It was implied, I am sorry.

  6. I bombed the history test. Who knows about journalism?

  7. What do you have to study for tomorrow? I have Bio, History and Health.

    PS I wouldn’t exactly call 94 “bombing it.”

  8. It was 92.86. I have Math, Español, and study hall.

  9. Ohoho. You rounded even before I did. TRICKY. At St. Lam-o Ed’s, a 92.86 was 0.14 from an A- and would have made me cry. So many times did I get a 92… It was like a curse.

  10. This is barely out of A- territory. It’s one less A+ on my grade card, but I’ll try to resist the lacrimation.

  11. You better believe I had to look that up.

  12. “Resist” isn’t that difficult of a word. For the reader you are, I’m surprised you didn’t know what it meant.

  13. (smile) Yeah. I don’t actually read that much, I mainly jut pick up vocabulary from you. So now I know what “resist” means. Now I don’t feel tho thupid.

  14. I feel stupid. I’ve gotten around 93% on three exams.

  15. Go in a corner and cry while the rest of us do as well… considering we use you as a gauge to how bad we shall suck. If you feel that you did poorly, then everyone hits the floor and start sobbing at the unfairness of life. Oh crud. I just had an opportunity to use the word “lacrimation” and I didn’t.

  16. I’m not the best always. I have my low points.

  17. Yeah Sam. That’s really low. Now let’s be serious. I could help you achieve worse.

  18. Is that some sort of threat?

  19. No. I am just trying to help you with all this irrational nonsense.

  20. 3.14159265358979323846264…

  21. Pi will not help the situation. Oh, hey… check this out:

    That won’t be able to touch you with a cattle prod.

  22. I don’t understand…

    I got my shoes!!!

  23. NO WAY! Nuclear orange… It took a very long time. Sheesh. Weren’t you supposed to get them on like the third or something? If it was me, I’d probably hunt them down and kill them and their children and their children’s children… Unacceptable service.

  24. I guess. But it snowed and stuff.

  25. You’re only giving them excuses… whose side are you on?

  26. Theirs. The shoes are so amazing, majestic, and beautiful that I cannot hate the creators of such marvels.

  27. Majestic? Man. In my head… the words “quirky” and “defiant” come up. Maybe I just have a weird mindwave with shoes.

  28. My adjectives are “defiant” and “quirky.”

  29. I prefer “rebellious” and “loud.”

  30. I feel like my comments are being rejected by some unseen force, so if I have said something twice… we’ll just blame it on a computer glitch.
    If anything… actually give credit to Mr. Converse or Chuck Taylor… although HE really didn’t do anything except wear them and work for Converse… besides the fact he was a famous basketball player. Or maybe John Varvatos (another Greek) but I didn’t find out about him until a second ago. His aren’t that snazzy anyway. Okay. I am done blabbing about nothing. blah, blah blah… something about procrastination…

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