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The first snow has fallen, and though it is not enough to pack into marvelous shapes, I must prepare for the future.  So, what should I make out of snow?  You can choose two things this time!  Aren’t you lucky?



  1. Unless you pull a Bill Watterson… that would be… AWESOME. (I was about to say epic and then decided against it.)

  2. I’ve tried before. I made a deranged mutant killer monster snow goon.

  3. Via email, of course. If you sent me one recently, then I have not yet received it.

  4. I interjected the word “heliport” into a conversation today. Just thought I’d let you know…

  5. I’m proud of you. What was the context?

  6. Something about an act of vengeance and it was called “The Helicopter.”

  7. A plot to destroy me, eh? Well, I’ll have you know I have operatives on the inside, telling me everything.

  8. Sam, I would not eliminate you in such a manner. (This was more of a plot of one of Bethany’s friends… and it was of a more trivial subject.) If I was destroying you, I’d pull out the heavy machinery… rather than whacking you with my arms, while spinning in a circular motion.

  9. That’s… reassuring?

  10. Okay, so I said, “If I was destroying you…” Wow. That makes me want to cry. If I were to try to destroy you… I wouldn’t do it myself because I can’t even master the subjunctive clause…

  11. YESS THAT PREVIOUS COMMENT IS SO BOSS^^ Anyway. I got all excited because I thought maybe the category “polio” had something to do with FDR or something. Then I realized it was just you being witty.

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