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I really should be studying for my History and Biology tests tomorrow, but it’s boring and I don’t want to.  So…

For nostalgia’s sake, let’s have a word of the day!

Heliport–A landing and takeoff place for a helicopter

That’s a pretty exciting word.  I bet you’ll use that at least three times a day now.



  1. I am actually stalling as well. That biochemistry crap I have down like the back of my hand, but I was never a history person. I stopped studying at the point where I had taken notes from the hazards of trench warefare. You gotta admit, form there on… it’s boring.

  2. *cough-cough* warfare

  3. And wait.. there’s more from there on… have fun.

  4. I knew the Treaty of Versailles stuff so well, but the test hardly even used any of it. The essay didn’t ask about the new countries formed (and I knew them all–Czechoslovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, plus the new Brit-French Middle-East stuff–Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, and Palestine). I pretty much nailed the tests though, I think.
    And did you manage to use the word heliport yet?

  5. Jeepers. And… no, I am afraid not. I’m not a “helicopter type” I guess. I am more of a… let me think about that… Anyway, I’ll probably incorrectly insert it into a metaphor.

  6. “It’s like killing a cow in a heliport.”

  7. What exactly is that regarding?

  8. Poor slaughterhouse conditions?

  9. Wow. Of all things…

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