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I came up with this like four days ago:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

That first line’s cliché,

And the second one too.



  1. I always thought of violets as indigo. Maybe I am color blind.

  2. BLAH. I forgot to chnge my “name” back. Moron. Sorry. (And that was directed to no one but myself).

  3. Dude. My first comment is not here… in which I said, “I always considered violets indigo.” But that’s beyond the point. What really matters is that I misspelled “change”.

  4. Fixed your comment. Not “chnging” your name back alerted my filter. Since it’s cliché, it doesn’t matter what color the violets actually are, but enough people acknowledge that they’re blue by overusing that poem prompt.

  5. I feel so evil inside alerting filters and everything. Mwahaha.

  6. Calm down.

  7. You sound like Mark.

  8. You sound like a cat on fire.

  9. I like that picture. Unfortunately, it is not reality.

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