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This post will hopefully have a nostalgic feel to those of you who read my blog when it first started.

My favorite animal is the cuttlefish.  It became my favorite animal when I watched a PBS special about it.  It changes its colors instantly, both for mating and scaring predators.  It’s a cephalopod, which basically means it’s really smart (for an animal).  It has a bone in it which is hollow and filled with a gas that keeps it from sinking.  At least, that’s what the television told me.  I hope it wasn’t lying to me this time.



  1. That’s pretty epic. Just saying.

  2. … and how is it not on the page of legends?

  3. Poop. I should put it there. I’m on it.

    Comment 250! I’m one quarter of the way to 1000! Hooray!

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