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Monthly Archives: October 2010

I came up with this like four days ago:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

That first line’s cliché,

And the second one too.


This post will hopefully have a nostalgic feel to those of you who read my blog when it first started.

My favorite animal is the cuttlefish.  It became my favorite animal when I watched a PBS special about it.  It changes its colors instantly, both for mating and scaring predators.  It’s a cephalopod, which basically means it’s really smart (for an animal).  It has a bone in it which is hollow and filled with a gas that keeps it from sinking.  At least, that’s what the television told me.  I hope it wasn’t lying to me this time.

I glanced over at the map on my wall and noticed that there is a city in Russia called Nizhniy Novgorod.  It is actually the fourth largest city in Russia, according to Wikipedia.  I seriously had to wonder what kind of person came up with that name.  I concluded that a Russian came up with it.

I guess the Cyrillic spelling is Нижний Новгород, at least according to Google Translator.  And Nizhniy means “lower,” though Novgorod just means Novgorod.  So it translates to “Lower Novgorod.”  I believe that not only a Russian, but a very uncreative Russian came up with that name.  It’s like Virginia and West Virginia.  What were they thinking?