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WordPress apparently allows one to have multiple blogs with one’s account.  I assume you can see where I’m going with this…

I realize there are a lot of choices for this one.  Just like standardized tests, make sure you read each choice carefully before making your final decision.  Remember, you can only vote once, so don’t mess up!



  1. That really was hard. You really need a “none of the above” choice. Maybe you could just make a fourty-sixth and that’s it. That wouldn’t be that bad.

  2. Yeah, but then people can evade everything. That’s no fun. Forty-six. No “U”. I’m curious who the third voter is. If you’re reading this, and have voted but haven’t put a comment, do so now, please!

  3. **Forty. Shoot me now. I should be keeping track of these mind games.

  4. I don’t like killing people, only pretending to kill people. And you’re not on the list.

  5. Oh. That’s so comforting. I think.

  6. IT HAD BETTER BE!!!!!!!!!

  7. My next question is… who IS on the list?

  8. I am unable to disclose that information at this time, as it may compromise my safety, and the safety of others, including yourself. The internet is also not a secure place, and this is delicate information.

  9. Very true. You cannot trust those lemurs… as I have learned while being tied up in my closet.

  10. How did you manage to escape that one, Houdini?

  11. You would be shocked to discover what’s in my closet…

  12. Nothing shocks me anymore, with the exception of high voltages of electricity.

  13. Ha. Ha. Oh so very funny Mister Swain. As usual.

  14. Green Box? I have confusion. And I am very funny. Laugh.

  15. Ugggggh. Sorry. To protect my identity from Internet creepers and the lemurs, I use “green box” for that one other blog (I told you about). WordPress automatically saved the name and I didn’t think to change it. Also, ironically, my comment symbol is a green box, but that had nothing to do with it.

  16. The symbol had nothing to do with it? I thought it had everything to do with it! Why must the world lie to me so?!?!?

  17. Hey listen dude, you’re not the only one.

  18. I’m not the only what?

  19. “Why must the world lie to me so?!?!?” I believe that’s what you said… with three question marks and two exclamation points.

  20. I can only assume you meant that I was not the only one to whom the world has lied.

  21. Was it really that vague?

  22. No. But you should be straightforward with me; everyone knows I’m very literal and not sarcastic in the least.

  23. Hello Sam period I love your blog period It is happy comma cheerful comma beautiful comma and wonderful exclamation points start parenthesis three of them end parenthesis The other day I was strolling through the park and I found a green umbrella period It wasnt red comma orange comma yellow comma blue comma or purple period It did comma however comma have white comma grey comma and black on it period Now I have a haiku for you period
    taco burrito
    chimichanga tostado
    I love Mexicans

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