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La ballena está en mi gato porque mi gato la comió.  Gatos comen las ballenas mucho, pero ellos nunca comen las ballenas cuando hay sol.  Gatos comen ballenas cuando está nublado.  Es muy triste, ¿no?  Ahora, mi gato no tiene hambre porque él comió la ballena, pero yo tengo hambre.  Tengo ganas de comer mi gato.  ¡Adiós, mi gato!

I apologize to the non-Spanish speakers, but you may Google translate this.  Actually, the translation on Google is pretty rough, so if you want the best translation, ask me to email it to you.  Please, though, do not post the translation in the comments, so as not to ruin the surprise for others.  Also, I saw the Chuck season 4 premier.  It was awesome.



  1. That was so beautiful, I cried. I was also proud that I didn’t have to use Google translate, which I think is very limited when it comes to convenience. Surprisingly, I only had to look up ballena, which is kinda ironic. For many personal reasons. One being that in fifth grade we sang a song about them. It was a very entertaining song.

  2. Yay! Songs!

  3. I’m following up that comment with another to celebrate this one, the 200th comment on my blog! Parties! Cats! Spanish! Whales! No more whales! No more cats! Tyrannosauruses will take over the world!
    And I will take over the tyrannosauruses!

  4. Well, congrats. K**** to you.

  5. ¡Muchas gracias, señorita! También, comí tu gato. ¿Estás tú triste o alegre?

  6. I could get used to this señorita crap. Sam, I can’t eat THE cat (not MY cat). It’s like my mother’s new best friend. I would get disowned.

  7. I said I ate your cat. Are you sad or happy?

  8. Well fine, what I meant was, THE cat cannot be eaten. And I know it’s not. I would be happy if you did. But you didn’t. ‘Cause it just ran out of the bushes and gave me a little smile.

  9. No comí tu gato. Lo siento.

  10. I totally get it. Some things are impossible, even with zeal. Pero… que lastima.

  11. Mmmmm…. veal. I mean zeal. That’s good too.
    ¿Dónde está tu el gato ahora?

  12. Who knows. Probably meeting up with the Mafia.

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