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Yes, this puppet actually has a name.  I figured he needed one so I could discern between the two.  His name is Turk Menace Stan, probably because he is hazardous to the health of turkeys.  Like maybe he eats them.  He also will attempt to eat the puppet mentioned in the last post.  The puppet wars have begun!



  1. No! he can’t eat the other one. It’s too cute. I don’t like this one. Also, k**** again for the photography. I like the harshness regarding the light- it brings out the pure evil. It also creates a feeling in the back of my head, where horror music automatically plays.

  2. I took another picture of Turk Menace Stan that had him in almost the exact same position as the puppet. It was probably a better picture of him, but you know how much I hate and loath redundancies.

  3. What would a profile look like?

  4. Evil. And difficult to see his features, on account of the 2-D-ness of them.

  5. I want to live in a world in which students use their free time to do EXTRA MATH problems instead of creating or visiting blogs!

    Math Rocks… you know it!

  6. The engineering of this puppet involved tons of math, like calculus and trigonometry and addition. It was like a math coloring book!

  7. I like my world just fine… as simple and mindless as it is.

  8. Does anyone else *really* want a math coloring book right now?

  9. I am really confused by the concept.

  10. Make up your own concept: it’s imaginary.

  11. What if I was so curious that I actually considered asking you?

  12. Then I would tell you to make up your own concept. Don’t pull this “I have no imagination and I’m stupid and the world is ending” gig. I know you have an imagination. Use it. If you can write a 23 page story about nothing apparent then you can make a 23-page math coloring book.

  13. That is an insult. You didn’t get past 8. And also, since when did math involve imagination? How can math be colored? (Aha. I might be getting somewhere…) If I may add something else, just ’cause someone has an imagination doesn’t make them smart.

  14. Oh, and the world isn’t ending, if you were concerned.

  15. Darn. I guess I’ll have to study for that Spanish test then.

    Imagine how to color math! You’re not getting this “imagine” thing, are you?

  16. I don’t normally think about creative ways to make math fun, nor do I think about math in general. I think it’s a subconscious thing.

  17. But uhhh… I think I might as well put it out there… I have completed page two of my “math coloring book”…

  18. For real? OMG wowzers!

  19. I am going to turn away and pretend I just didn’t read that. (laugh)

  20. Pretty soon I’ll be mispelling words and putting little colon smileys at the end of my sentences and I’ll dum down my words and I’ll not use any commas 🙂

    Be scared >:D

  21. What? Magical transformations? What fun!
    🙂 😉 😦 😡 B)

  22. Aw, those last two didn’t work. 😦

  23. The day that you start mispelling stuff will be a cold day in hell. My soul weeps for that day.

    • You do realize that I misspelled “misspelling”, and apparently, you did too. It was a joke. XD

  24. I am glad to know that you caught that. I hate being a lemming. Especially a stupid one. Who can’t spell “misspelling”. Why can’t there be redemption? (that last part only works if you say it in an Old English accent.)

  25. I’m sure zillions of people do it.
    I should probably post a new post soon so that the WordPress police don’t shoot me for having a zillion comments on one post. Yes, 26 is a zillion. That’s like one for every letter of the alphabet! ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWZYZ!

  26. What are you waiting for? (ñ)

  27. Ñothing!

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