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I made a puppet.  It is the most fun puppet ever.  It’s coming for you.

I must apologize for the bad picture, but understand, it’s quite difficult to take a picture with a puppet on one’s hand.



  1. I just might have to steal not only your dog, but your puppet. I also think that the unintentional photographic style captures its true essence.

  2. Yeah, I did kind of think it was how it would look if someone woke up one morning and found the puppet staring down at them.

  3. I want to hug your puppet. It gets cuter every second I look at it.

  4. Don’t hug him. He’ll get all wrinkled, and then you’ll be sorry. And I’ll be angry.
    He’ll probably be angry too, and go bonkers like he’s Pepito.

  5. Pepito… (laugh)I would hope that you would create a puppet with a more “G-rated” vocabulary. Unless, you’re talking about a different aspect…

  6. He can hardly talk at all because I’m an awful puppeteer. He mostly says “naah!” An sometimes he just moved his mouth open and close without making any noise. Ah, what fun!

  7. What’s your puppet’s name. Your puppet has to have a name. Name’s are important things you know, they help define a person.

    P.S. Your puppet is super cute.

  8. He does not have a name! I’ve told everyone who asks his name that he does not have one. He does not need one! He is a puppet. That seems to define him perfectly. And end your questions with question marks.

  9. My name doesn’t define me, unfortunately. But I do agree with the post script. It’s undeniable.

  10. Your name is like your letters. Long with difficulty spelling. I think it defines you pretty well.

    And what do you mean by “post script”?

  11. I am not sure how to take that. Also, and I quote Gabby: “Your puppet is super cute.”

  12. Oh. P.S.=Post Script. Clever.

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