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This is essentially self-explanatory.  If you highlight the last one it’s easier to read.



  1. This poll might result in a landslide.

  2. I’m expecting unanimity on the walrus’s side, too.

  3. Madeleine encouraged me to weigh in on your poll. Have a great weekend.

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t think your vote counted because I have a limit to one vote per computer. It’s okay though. My weekends are always great.

  5. It isn’t explained what they would win at. For all we know, they could play chess.
    Which the octopus would win, because it has tentacles and is smarter than the walrus.

  6. That in itself makes me think…If it’s a chess match, what if the walrus just decides to eat the octopus, or visa versa? Who wins? Is it a draw, or forfeit? Also, I’m almost sure that it isn’t something as intelligent as chess, because the word “conflict” is used. I consider thumb wrestling an option. I don’t know a lot about chess, so I guess if it was ME against an octopus (or) walrus, (or) human, it would be considered as a conflict, judging by how I react to such situations. But Lucas… anyway, it did really make sense what you said. Brilliant observations my dear Watson. Aaaaaand, way to stimulate my otherwise lifeless brain cells. (no, Holmes did not really say that too)

  7. I was assuming a fight, but I guess I never really specified. Maybe it wasn’t self-explanatory. Lucas, I’m assuming that you voted octopus, and I am certainly glad, because I felt bad that it had not gotten any votes.
    Also, the loser’s carcass gets fed to killer whales, not the opponent, excepting, of course, the fourth (and currently most popular) choice.

  8. Oh yeah, I just thought I might tell you Sam, but my mom has been going crazy (and don’t you even think about saying that genetics proves anyone’s theory about my mental state. Anyway, she really is going crazy. I guess she’s trying to fill that empty void. I walked into the dinning room and she was on the internet. She doesn’t normally indulge in technology (what little bit we have). Then out of the blue, she went to your blog. She wanted to see if there was any possible way to crack “Polldaddy” systems. In other words, she wanted to see if she could rig the system. Her pulling that off is like me saying that on Tuesday I’m gonna go to school and find it blown up- thanks to Simon.

  9. She could just use a different computer. Like at the library. It’s just a poll on my blog, not the 2012 presidential election! Wowzers.

  10. When I said going crazy… I meant it. Like crazy as in… she has no idea what to do with her time because everything is just to depressing for her. (shrug)

  11. Because of the dog?

  12. Yeah. It’s that darn empty feeling.

  13. Chess is hardly intelligent when I play it. The horsey stomps on the guy with the funny hat.

  14. That sounds like something brainiac chess enthusiasts couldn’t understand. Maybe you’re more intelligent than they are. That’s profound and kind of eerie.

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