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Monthly Archives: September 2010

WordPress apparently allows one to have multiple blogs with one’s account.  I assume you can see where I’m going with this…

I realize there are a lot of choices for this one.  Just like standardized tests, make sure you read each choice carefully before making your final decision.  Remember, you can only vote once, so don’t mess up!


La ballena está en mi gato porque mi gato la comió.  Gatos comen las ballenas mucho, pero ellos nunca comen las ballenas cuando hay sol.  Gatos comen ballenas cuando está nublado.  Es muy triste, ¿no?  Ahora, mi gato no tiene hambre porque él comió la ballena, pero yo tengo hambre.  Tengo ganas de comer mi gato.  ¡Adiós, mi gato!

I apologize to the non-Spanish speakers, but you may Google translate this.  Actually, the translation on Google is pretty rough, so if you want the best translation, ask me to email it to you.  Please, though, do not post the translation in the comments, so as not to ruin the surprise for others.  Also, I saw the Chuck season 4 premier.  It was awesome.

Yes, this puppet actually has a name.  I figured he needed one so I could discern between the two.  His name is Turk Menace Stan, probably because he is hazardous to the health of turkeys.  Like maybe he eats them.  He also will attempt to eat the puppet mentioned in the last post.  The puppet wars have begun!

I made a puppet.  It is the most fun puppet ever.  It’s coming for you.

I must apologize for the bad picture, but understand, it’s quite difficult to take a picture with a puppet on one’s hand.

I nailed the aforementioned phonebook through its spine to a tree in my backyard today.  Such fun.  Pictures are finally up!

Today was a wondrous day of not much labor.  Rather, it was quite fun.

I stuck a knife in the face of a squash.  Its face, yes.  I drew it on with a black Sharpie last night around 11:30.  I stuck it all the way through its head.

I also burned a phonebook today.  It was fun.  I got the idea a few days ago and I just decided to do it today.  It burned a lot, but I still have the spine and the remnants of a few pages, which I will be taking to school on Tuesday.  It’s pretty epic.  And it smells like burnt… phonebook.

To end today, I ate the squash at dinner.  His torture was short-lived, unlike Jim the Potato’s, for those of you who are familiar with him.  For those who aren’t, that is another story for another time.

This is essentially self-explanatory.  If you highlight the last one it’s easier to read.