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Sockdolager.  It means something that finishes something (roughly).



  1. Jeez. That’s a mouthful. I’m guessing that I’d be the antonym for this wonderful word.

  2. Really? You seem to finish my origami projects.

    Thanks for introducing your friend to the blog. Encourage her to check it daily and to post comments often.

  3. The difference is, I had encouragement. Plus, you taught it, and lastly I love origami. So I guess when the “finishing” is regarding an art project, supernatural force spontaneously generates.

  4. That was disproven. It probably is that the supernatural forces are floating through the air and they make babies on rotting art materials.

  5. So I see you are paying attention in Biology class. The whole thing about “babies on rotting art materials”… I don’t get it. Not a word. Hence, “Where confusion is abundant.” I like this caption better.

  6. And what about the title? Do I need to put you in a sense of deja vu?

  7. Dude, I’m not like a superwoman. What do you want me to tell you next? What color underwear the president wears? I truly am sorry. My observations are sporadically selective. I don’t ever recall it being the “Blog of Wonder and Awe.” (Assuming that’s what you mean about deja vu)

  8. I’m referring to when you commented about the tagline and not the title once before, and I scolded you for being ignorant. The title is new.
    I very know that you are not superwoman.
    I mean very know.
    I really do.

  9. Gosh. You’ve got the focus of a ninja warrior. I’m more at the level of someone with ADD. You can’t put all these underlying messages without expecting that I’ll slip up. I did notice. I just thought it’d be a dumb thing to point out unless it really struck me as something inspirational.

  10. ADD-Acrobatic Dolphin Death?

  11. Exactly. Sometimes I wonder how a person can be so… telepathic. I am in wonder and awe.

  12. I get it. Because it’s like the title. Ha ha. You’re funny. lol;)

  13. What have you done with Sam Swain? I am detecting an imposter. Sam Swain would never even think such thoughts (such as saying I’m funny) and AHHH! He would never type the curse of “lol” and then follow up with a WINKING EMOTICON!!! If you hurt him, I’ll slaughter you. You will regret ever touching him. You are sick and cruel and…

  14. Sam Swain doesn’t even wink in real life! (Does he?…I’m the one who’s supposed to wink at people) Are you playing mind games with me? AHHHHH. People who hold brilliant minds hostage have the potential to be twisted. Since you’ll be going down in history as the sick mind who killed the famous Sam Swain, I might as well give you a name, like Jack the Ripper. Okay, I’ll call you Larry the… Something…

  15. Wait. Larry! Maybe you’re really not as person. Maybe you’re a virus that has taken over Sam’s computer. I should get off, before you wreck havoc on my dinosaur. (he. he. that sounds funny)

  16. Confused you sound. Yoda I am. No. Sam I am.

  17. I am still confused. Stop messing with my mind.

  18. Oh yeah. If it really was you, how could you live with your conscience after saying “Ha ha. You’re funny. lol;)” ?

  19. You’d be surprised. I really just did that because I know you loath emoticons. The winking one seemed like the most annoying. You should know that I enjoy being confusing and that I’ll go against my pet peeves just to make fun of them. And I think typed faces are actually pretty creative; you’re taking something boring and turning it into something fun.

  20. Oh Sam, your confusing ways amuse me.

  21. Sam, I am concerned… REALLY REALLY concerned. Now, go find a quiet corner and do some MATH like a good boy!

  22. I like how motherly Mrs. Long is. I’m sure it’s nice to know that your math teacher cares for you… I didn’t know that math teacher could have caring hearts…

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