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Today I got a new bike.  It’s this one:

I also got a bike horn for it.  It’s this one:

The horn is really annoying.  I  love it.



  1. Is this for real?

  2. You were caught by my spam filter. Wow.
    And it most certainly is. I would not make something like this up. This is completely serious.

  3. Spam filter? I think I may need you to explain this concept. Now, why would I need to be “filtered”? Is this another one of your schemes?

  4. It automatically puts things into my trash folder that it thinks are not appropriate for the topic. I had nothing to do with it. I’m hurt that you would assume that.
    Also, my computer screen can be viewed like a film negative by holding control+option+

  5. It’s kind of ironic that your only active fan is being filtered.(smile) By the way, I do love your new bike and horn. You should get a helmet to match. Oh yeah, where exactly do you get one of those?

  6. I have a silver helmet. It matches the bike pretty well. I got the dinosaur horn at a bike shop, the same place I got the bike, but the horn is available at They also have a variety of other horn shapes, like an alien, crocodile head, even a (hideous) sumo wrestler. So much fun.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a handsome sumo wrestler, come to think of it…

  8. HI Sam my friend Madeleine sugested your blog to me:))
    Awesome blog!!

  9. Yes it is. Tell your other friends about this. And is your first name actually Lottie or is it short for Lottery or something like that? That wasn’t meant to be offensive. Did you find that offensive?
    Whoa. 100th comment. Parties, please.

  10. I would say that at least 50 of those were thanks to me. Also, I didn’t know that you cared about offending people (smile)

  11. I can’t scare away new visitors from my blog. Though I think I might have, as she obviously hasn’t come back, nor Mrs. Long.
    Actually, I counted, and prior to my hundredth comment (which doesn’t actually include the ones I deleted) you had made only 46, slacker.

  12. Sam,

    Mr. Rogers would not approve of your bike horn. However, Mr. Bean WOULD!

  13. Sam, I love your new bike. Its totally stylin’. And the horn just makes it cooler.

  14. A.F.!??

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