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I went to school today.  Woo hoo.



  1. Wow Sam. Very descriptive. For all those lemurs out there, Sam made my day. I pretty much was about to shoot myself in my head by the time I made it to lunch, but then I decided that I would suck it up and drag myself to his little… gathering on the opposite side of the cafeteria. It turned out that talking to a normal human being about fruit snacks (while I’m spazzing out inside)and brilliant attire saved my mental stability. It was a short flashing moment but HECK folks, it was my head (and my sanity). It is important to me. Thanks Sam. (smile)

  2. Oh hey Sam… it’s nothing personal, but the subtitle under “BLOG OF LEGENDS” that reads: “I’ve been waiting for you Mrs. Long”, well… it’s a little creepy. Much like an intruder riding on a tricycle dragging a body behind…

  3. I expect my share of the five bucks. And what did you want to give me?
    Also, I told Mrs. Long about my blog in a email I sent to her today with an attachment of the squid picture I made just for fun. She’s the best teacher in the whole wide world and it is my intention to be creepy where I find it necessary. I don’t supposed you noticed that I changed the title of the blog from “Corntilever Creator Speaks Here” to “Blog of Legends”, did you? Don’t be so ignorant of others[‘ blogs].

  4. Also, would it kill you lemurs to post comments once in a while? I know you’re out there. “I don’t have email” is not a valid excuse.

  5. Sam, that would be so cool if she read your blog! Then, you’d actually have intelligent comments and a legit fan (excluding the lemurs of course). Speaking of “of course”, I did notice you changed the title, and I find it harsh that you call me ignorant. You have no idea how many times I look at it a day (you know what, don’t even think about that…) and the peculiar (disturbing) comfort it gives me. That last post made up for the crappy day I have. I don’t even want to get started, but has anyone ever said you were homosexual, and then you sat there and tried to deflect it while your “acclaimed friend” sat there laughing and did nothing? Did your locker jam, did you get locked out of the school while people walked by doing nothing, did you eat lunch with people you’re trying to avoid (and I’m not talking about Emily Stump)? Did you spend a whole period in the wrong class, did you run off two hours of sleep, did you work you butt off this whole summer and after today still had hope that there is major academic butt to be kicked? Did you have Sam Swain’s blog and sarcastic/imaginative humor to pick you back up and remind you that you are strong and you don’t need anybody’s opinion? No? Cause I did. And I know that you might not believe me… but thank you. So much. (smile)

  6. Oh. By the way, do YOU think my mom gave me the five bucks? Like you said… I had no proof.

  7. Witnesses?
    Answer is no to all of those questions.

  8. Those were questions that weren’t supposed to be answered. Kinda like how I talk to myself outloud and expect to be listened to by… myself.

  9. Oh, by the way, that Mrs. Long is one hyped lady… very passionate.

  10. Totally.

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