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The day before yesterday I finished Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. This completes the reading portion of my summer homework.  Now I’ll procrastinate to finish the essays and answering questions.  For those who haven’t read it, and aren’t planning to, it ends with Jurgis becoming a strong supporter of Socialism and the Socialism rising in Chicago.



  1. I’ve not read it yet, but I’m truly glad that you have finished it, and wish that I were as amazing as you, Sam.
    AlSooo… I’ve recently realized that I may not be able to come on Thursday. Not only is it Peter’s birthday, both my parents have dental appointments. No kidding, and it’s not like one of Pig’s/Rat’s lame excuses. It’s just fate… and the fact that my family never plans things like this. I need the corrections by Thursday, if I make it or not. Mail it to me, and if I can make it, you can ask me your “questions” then. I am still frezaking about the whole concept, and I believe that if you have real, sincere questions, you are way too into it. I’m starting to believe Maxx when he says you have no life. Then, I look at my own, laugh, and dismiss the thought. Thank you so much again. And have fun with all the writing. What did you read for your third selection? (for English) I totally nailed that reduction thing and almost cried it was so beautiful (See, your ever humble attitude is wearing off on me.)

  2. Life of Pi. I haven’t done the reduction yet.
    And I still have pages 9-23 to fix. We’ll see if I finish.
    And normally I would fix your spelling, but frezaking sounds soooo cool it’s not worth it.
    And you could have commented something about the topic. I may have top edit your comment so it doesn’t seem obnoxiously self-centered.

  3. Are you serious? Why are you even telling me? My dad always said, “Set your standards low, so you can’t be disappointed in life.”
    Ha. Ha. Frezaking. I think too fast for my fingers so most of the time, it just comes out in a spew. I might just use that term now, since you took your time to point it out. (How exactly would you pronounce that?) Lately, I’ve realized something about you. Your comments/questions are most normally 1.) Sarcastically degrading or 2.) Seriously serious. (well aren’t I repetitive…) I know that seems to make no sense, and it shouldn’t have to, because my mind tunes half of it out anyway. The scary part is, it’s real.
    Also, what is “top-editing”? And, please do not mock my insecurities. It really does bother me. It’s very frustrating because there is no other way to communicate with you, without my comments portraying me as a quasi-narcissistic freak (with bad spelling, punctuation, anger control… and let’s see, do I have any more problems? Don’t answer that). The lemurs do not regard me highly. Thank you anyway, for everything you do. (smile)

  4. Have you ever thought about getting a cat?

  5. Random?…
    I love cats; unfortunately, so does Orange.

  6. I know you love cats. Do you want a cat like right now? (AND yes, that is very random.) When you say Orange loves cats, I am gueesing you mean that she loves eating/chasing/attacking them. Anyway, we have an ORANGE cat at our house. I’ve just been asking everyone I know (who loves cats) if they want it. I figured you wouldn’t take it anyway, ’cause of Orange. (I should name it Five. Do you remember that? Eh. Probably not.)Anyway. Cool. I asked Ross (aka Delaney Ross) if she wanted it, cause their cat just died. It’s really cute. I just might decide to dump it on your front steps anyway… (smile)

  7. By the way Sam (not to be self centered)… On Sunday I went to judging and out of 100 points possible… I scored 100. I owe it all to those eight pages. (Do you believe that?…) Thanks again.

  8. I assume I will be receiving a fine sum of cash in the mail soon…

  9. I assume I will be receiving a fine sum of cats in the mail soon…

  10. I’m not sure how to answer either of those assumptions… It’s almost abstract to the point of normal. Am I making any sense? Also, never assume anything Sam. It happens to be MY downfall. Wouldn’t want to catch you fighting fire with fire…

  11. Oh yeah. I forgot to ask. Do you understand what you say? Like the stuff that comes out of your mouth? You yourself.

  12. ANNNNND. Do you want the cat dead or alive? (It was an afterthought.)It talks a lot. Alive I mean. It’s now… 10:40 and I can hear it meowing. OUTSIDE. It’s hard love.

  13. I love fire. I love cats. I love fiery cats. I love not-making-sense-itude. I love 10:40. I love silence. No loud cats. At least, not for very long.

  14. Okay. If anyone asks, I’ll say, “Sam Swain loves fiery cats.” (laugh) That might be misinterpreted… just a little…

  15. Actually, I liked cooked cat (medium-well to be precise).

  16. Hey, I got Stump’s schedule:
    1. Hon. Geometry
    2. Hon. Algebra II
    3. Study Hall/Health
    4. Adv. Biology
    5. Hon. US History
    6. Hon. English
    7. Spanish II (she’s trying to get ino Latin)
    I have three classes!!! with her and lunch. How come I have none with you? Life is brutal. I guess it’s not supposed to make sense. AND, just curious… what is the difference if it’s rare?

  17. Too much blood.
    Ha ha. She didn’t get to skip Honors Geometry and Alg II even though she already took them! I have just Alg. II with her then.
    I have a friend who is in Honors Geometry and Alg II, so he’ll be in both her classes (taught by Mrs. Long, one of the most amazing (and short) teachers ever!).
    Tell Stump to read my blog. I need all the fans I can get (2 is more than 1)

  18. Sam. You would not stoop that low. Would you? (I will not answer that question.) And again, insulting the lemurs… When I wrote a blog, I had NO fans. To make myself feel good, I posted my own comments with different names and e-mails. That went on for at least a month. (Do you believe that? Don’t say yes, then I’ll know that you know too much about how my mind works.)Didn’t Mark read it? The famous Mister Swain shouldn’t have to beg his enemies to read his blog. (Or are you using some sort of psychopathic reverse psychology?…)I am lost. Get your Dad to read it. You do not want Stump to read your blog. Then, do you know what happens? She thinks that a substantial human being is taking great interest in her personal interests so she feels that she must return the favor, TIMES TEN. Pretty soon, she’ll be stuck to your foot like toilet paper. Or, you’ll just have person… like me… there still is a difference, though. I’m just not as smart and easier on the eyes (you can admit). And, I’ve known you a lot longer, so I try my best not to destroy you. She’s not that aware of other people’s pain. Ah. Perfect for you. (smile, sarcasm.) So yeah, you picked your poison. Maybe you’ll learn a lesson, I’ll get a laugh, and it’ll all be okay. (pray hard that it works out that way… smile)

  19. I don’t care. I think I’m already pretty famous and have zillions of creepy stalker fans. But none on my blog. Yet.

  20. Don’t say that… knock on wood. Also, to get fans, you must at least be interesting. This same post has been running for days. I don’t even remember what it was about. Just to comment on the actual post, I finished the Jungle today. I cried at the end… I was so happy to be done with the darn thing. I did like the end though, it was worth the wait.

  21. Hang on. I was re-reading my first comment. Did I really say, “I’ve not read it yet, but I’m truly glad that you have finished it, and wish that I were as amazing as you, Sam.” REALLY. Did I? That sounds off. You are very lucky Mister Swain that not only do you have ONE fan, but this one fan has a very bad memory… Aha… that is what you meant by top-editing… very clever… You do need to work on on that sort of thing though- it doesn’t sound like me at all. A little too wishy-washy.

  22. It’s supposed to be obvious. And I added a new post before you even made that comment. PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!

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