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I enjoy creating art.  Upon completing computer class I discovered my skill of using the Microsoft Drawing Toolbar in Word.  I’ve made many wondrous creations, on many different computers.  Here is one of my latest works:

(I just changed it so that no one could steal the perfect picture, since I don’t have a copyright or anything like that.  I apologize if my paranoia inhibits your view of this slightly.)

It’s something of a clock, I think, but made out of squid-tentacle-monster things.  Feedback is wonderful, especially if it is constructive, and pertaining to the art.



  1. I like it a lot, because it’s bizarre. I love things that are bizarre. It’s also scary for me personally, and mainly because you used a lot of purple. Purple is a powerful color. The creatures also look a lot like jellyfish, and I find jellyfish disturbing. That and weiner dogs… The structure of the eyes is perfect and I think it gives a psychadelic feel. Like a 60’s horror movie.

  2. Hopefully I’ll be able to put it on a T-shirt and get one. Cool, right?

  3. How do you do that?

  4. Custom T-shirt design websites.

  5. Have you done this before? I don’t recall you wearing any custom designed shirts. You normally wear a sweatshirt in the end.

  6. Not yet. Planning to. Want one?

  7. Ohhhh Sam. I like this a lot better. Now, it’s totally freakishly epic. Duh, I would like one! How much do you want for one, like when you get it or whatever? I think it’s [hilariously] scary. Like as if I needeed any help in that department… (laugh) No really, I really do think it’d be cool… like on a black T-shirt or whatever. My mom hates it when I wear black (after all those years of white polos). I think she’s afraid that I’m going goth or something. I like black, it’s a safe color.

  8. I have some other designs in mind, so I’d need you to choose one or some. They’d be somewhere from $20-25.

  9. Okay… so what ever happened to this? I wish that I could say something intelligent after that… but I pretty much screwed myself if anyone reads the beginning of this blog. That Madeleine deserves to be shot in the head.

  10. I really hope that no one is sensitive to such subjects…

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