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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Sockdolager.  It means something that finishes something (roughly).


Today I got a new bike.  It’s this one:

I also got a bike horn for it.  It’s this one:

The horn is really annoying.  I  love it.

I went to school today.  Woo hoo.

Happy Birthday Maxx!  I made a genetic experiment for you!



<<<<<<<Notice this!!!!!  Obey it!

The day before yesterday I finished Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. This completes the reading portion of my summer homework.  Now I’ll procrastinate to finish the essays and answering questions.  For those who haven’t read it, and aren’t planning to, it ends with Jurgis becoming a strong supporter of Socialism and the Socialism rising in Chicago.

I enjoy creating art.  Upon completing computer class I discovered my skill of using the Microsoft Drawing Toolbar in Word.  I’ve made many wondrous creations, on many different computers.  Here is one of my latest works:

(I just changed it so that no one could steal the perfect picture, since I don’t have a copyright or anything like that.  I apologize if my paranoia inhibits your view of this slightly.)

It’s something of a clock, I think, but made out of squid-tentacle-monster things.  Feedback is wonderful, especially if it is constructive, and pertaining to the art.

At long last, I have completed my so-far-short life, by purchasing the most epic Lego set of all time, when it was finally made available yesterday.  After five months of waiting, I finally got it.  It is a fully remote-controlled excavator.  I built it in a few hours last night, and have had so much fun playing with it.  It moves forward and backward, steers, has a rotating upper body, triple-jointed arm, and it’s YELLOW!  Now that my life journey has ended, I can spend more time updating the blog for my single fan and that one guy who never in a zillion years would admit to be my fan and doesn’t read my blog too often because he can’t get it on his phone and is too lazy to go to a computer and find it there (the former knows who the latter is, I’m sure).  Whoa.  Ridiculously long sentence.  Cool.