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After finishing a game of Monopoly (it is actually possible), I realized that it was more than a silly game.  It was a life lesson.

Monopoly shows us that we all start off as equals, but fortune makes us take different paths.   Fate is what determines our growth in power.  Those with little power lose it quickly, while those with great power get greater power, and more riches, as the lesser in power die out.  It ends up that two great powers go head to head, and even the slightest advantage, combined with fate, brings a victor.  And in the end, when it’s all over, smacking that person doesn’t change anything.  Crying can’t reverse history.  Burning in anger doesn’t help at all.  But it sure makes you feel better.  And as long as we don’t abuse our coping methods, everyone’s okay (maybe not happy, ecstatic, or phenomenally well, but okay).  That’s all that matters in life, right?



  1. I’ve read this post a million times in the past month. Two reasons: 1. I have no life. 2. Because you haven’t enlightened any of YOUR “fans” (as Maxx likes to call the) about what you’ve been doing in the past month. Unfortunately. I like this one a lot, because it’s hilarious (brilliantly FUNNY) and not too self-centered. The best part is decribing the “coping methods.” (I have a lot of them, and you’d be surprised how fun they can be.) Most usually, I don’t smack people, unless they really ask for it. I do have one thing to say though, Monopoly isn’t completely like life. One main reason. No matter how passionate you are about Monopoly, it doesn’t change the fact that you completely suck. (I know, having lost to my brother a million times.) In life, you can be a complete moron, but if you push yourself until you’ve snapped so many times, you’ve been beaten down by people you love, so many times, or you’ve questioned yourself endlessly… you come back stronger and you have that special thing inside of you that makes YOU different from everyone else. I am stupid. I am not talented or extremely gifted. One thing I was given, was determination. That can get you anywhere… except a ticket to Boardwalk. Anyway, maybe I’m wrong. Either way, that was hilarious. No matter how many times I read this specific post, I laugh. It’s got that “Life sucks and then you die” vibe. I love it. And that, Mister Swain, is what makes this blog so much fun to read. It’s also what no one else can say but you.

    • When you make a comment longer than the blog post, it’s time to get back to your summer reading. And another likeness (as is a lesson I have learned from The Jungle) cheating gets you far ahead in both Monopoly and life. How unfortunate it is for the honest people of the world, but when we do succeed, when get all giddy inside, and even the little accomplishments are exciting. And you’re not stupid.
      Also, being on vacation for a while has left me too tired or incommunicado to update the blog. Will work on that now…

  2. There are no get out of jail free cards in life. Pity. I could sell them.
    Money money money.

    Speaking of Life, that’s a completely unrelated board game. Get your facts straight.

  3. I’d buy one. Maybe you could make counterfeit ones.

  4. Sam, I got a kick out of your comments on Monopoly! Now, get busy on your math HW!

  5. Sam, I have no idea how you finished Monopoly! That paragraph you wrote was very intense though. Anywho, keep on bloggin’.

  6. This is a very diverse blog post. I think that there should be more of them.

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