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Monthly Archives: July 2010

After finishing a game of Monopoly (it is actually possible), I realized that it was more than a silly game.  It was a life lesson.

Monopoly shows us that we all start off as equals, but fortune makes us take different paths.   Fate is what determines our growth in power.  Those with little power lose it quickly, while those with great power get greater power, and more riches, as the lesser in power die out.  It ends up that two great powers go head to head, and even the slightest advantage, combined with fate, brings a victor.  And in the end, when it’s all over, smacking that person doesn’t change anything.  Crying can’t reverse history.  Burning in anger doesn’t help at all.  But it sure makes you feel better.  And as long as we don’t abuse our coping methods, everyone’s okay (maybe not happy, ecstatic, or phenomenally well, but okay).  That’s all that matters in life, right?


I have just been diagnosed with numerous debilitating diseases.  As soon as I decide what they are, I’ll let you all/two know.

Just so you know, sending me large sums of money would make me all better.  Like incomprehensibly large amounts.  You know, for treatments.  Yeah, treatments.