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I just found the word “aeluropodous” in my dictionary, which means “having retractable claws in the feet.” ¬†Undoubtedly, it’s pretty exciting.



  1. Hmmm… much like your sixteen communist friends?

  2. Totally. What can I say, I’m an aelurophile.

  3. That’s not fair. All I am is a human… a very retarded human with no abnormal structural issues. I can’t even pop anything out of socket or wiggle my ears or touch my nose with my tongue.

    • An aelurophile is someone who likes cats. You don’t need special powers to like cats. Only love in your heart and passion in your soul.

  4. If I may be honest, this is a lesson to show that assuming the definition of words based on the the current conversation and prefixes does not bode well with personal pride, NOR does it educate one. It would also help a lot if I didn’t read into it as, “I’m an mammal with retractable claws like a cat.” Which therefore, in itself, creates confusion and jealousy.

    …And my mother wonders why I have such a hard time communicating with humanity. (Thank you anyway for explaining. Not everyone is as smart s you Sam Swain.)I have passion in my soul for sure, the former- we shall see.

  5. you guys seriously scare me

  6. I am greatly offended Maxx, and yet somewhat proud.

  7. Woah. I might quote Maxx on that one. You’d be surprised by peoples’ opinions of yours truly when they are confronted with an opportunity on the Internet. According to Facebook associates, not only am I funny and gorgeous, their sister, their lover, but I am “F****** weird.” I never know who to trust.

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