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I believe that it is important to stay on top of one’s school work.  I am often guilty of procrastination, but I felt that my summer reading would be too overwhelming to do  in one week’s time.  Seeing my dad’s copy of The Jungle spurred me on the most, with its 35o pages of unrelenting tiny text.  Along with three other books, that’s a hefty amount of homework over the summer, and would be virtually impossible to conquer in two weeks.  So, being the greatest, most intelligent person who ever lived, I came to the decision that it would be rational to read a few chapters every day.  I’ve completed Fahrenheit 451, and am half-way through To Kill a Mockingbird, so I’d say I’m doing pretty well, with like eight weeks left of summer.  I’d recommend to all students with summer reading to get to it.  So get off my blog, you (hopefully) three people who read it, and finish those books!  I’m talking to you, Maxx.



  1. nice subtle hint sam.

    • yo sam i just replied to my own comment… this is MeSsEd Up

  2. i figure if people see more comments, they’ll pay attention to this low life amazing blog written by someone with too much time on their hands who is awesome. you should be thanking me.

  3. But they can see that you wrote all the comments, Maxx. They can also see your neglect for capitalization, and how awesome you think I am.

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