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My favorite color is grey.  It’s also spelled “gray.”  I switch between the two.  It adds variety to my otherwise dull life.  Hooray.



  1. I believe that you have a great life, Sam. Consider me for VP when you run for president, because I’d love to work with you, because you are so intelligent and great.

  2. I think Sam is a brilliant and handsome guy. I also like mangos.

  3. I think that for such a great post, the comments are minimal. The part about the mangos makes up for it though. Oh yeah. Hooray.

  4. FICK originally just said I like mangos, which came up as spam. I edited it to fit my likings, which I don’t normally do anymore, since most of the post are not derogative towards me, even though they may stray from the topic of the post. I really should get more readers for this blog. You are in charge of recruiting.

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